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Socialize with single Russian women in Washington, DC. Social in Dinner Theater for Russian women and American men in Washington, DC
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Annual Spring Barbecue Party

Shish-Kebab, Beer and Romance 

Saturday, April 28, 2012 at 6:00 PM

EI Headquarters@4244 Blagden Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20011

Our Spring Social in April is going to capture the spirit of spring - renewal, rebirth, romance and love.  It  is going to be all that you are accustomed to in EI and more -- lots of single men and women with hopes of a miracle match  to happen at the party, lots of food -- meats, fish, shrimp, corn-o-cob, -- and, of course, lots of beer, music, dancing and talking. As you all know, many miracle matches have happened at our EI socials, but Spring parties are especially famous for that! And if that miracle match has not happened to you yet, please join us for this Spring Social and get ready to experience it!

Let's perform a generous libation at EI April Social to Eos, the Goddess of Spring!

Last year we called our Barbecue Party "Shish-Kebab, Beer and Love" This year the word Love in the name of the party will have an added value, because prior to the party you are invited to a seminar on Tantric Love.

The Secrets of Tantric Love Seminar

conduct by Rick S., a Tantric Yoga Guru (and EI eligible bachelor)

Rick has been studying the techniques of this ancient Indian teaching for a long time. In the words of his friends, Rick's luck in love is unbelievable. Risk will share with us the secrets of his luck that he found in the principals of Tantra.

In the past we have had similar seminars ( Astrological Compatibility) and they have been well attended and invariably successful.

The Program of the Social includes:

Arrive at 6 PM and enjoy snacks and wive until 6:30

6:30PM - 7:00 PM - Secrets of Tantric Love seminar

7:00 - 7:30PM - questions and discussions of Tantric Love Secrets.

7:30 -8:30 PM - All you can eat shish-kebab and and all you can drink beer (wine)

8:30- Dances under the stars.

Attire - casual but nice and fashionable for all.

Fees - Both the seminar and the party are FREE of charge with beer or wine and shish kebab or fish or shrimp or meats for grilling and sharing.

Hat Fashion Show March 31, 2012

Slide Show

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Slide show from March 31, 2012. Hat Fashion Show

"That was a great party Saturday night.  Hats!  I never would have thought…", wrote one of EI client after the party. Indeed, what sounded like just a fun and "goofy" party turned into a real show with all its attributes -- runway, beautiful Russian models, quality hats... no wonder that most of the pictures on this slide show are close ups of the ladies in the show. Looking at the pictures you might find it difficult to recognize these same ladies in EI database.

Just as one show ended, the other "surprise" show began. Rollin Wehman from the Riverside Dinner Theater has arrived together with Ron Roper and Jim Lawson, who had mesmerized us with his brilliant performance as Teviya, the milkman, in the Fiddler on the Roof musical just a month ago. Now, at our March social , we had a second chance to enjoy his singing of "If I were a rich man"and "Sun rise, sunset". Jim looks very different without a beard, but he is still single and eligible bachelor as before.

I received many requests for pictures taken at the Hat Show. You can download them from EI facebook at www.facebook/encountersinternational. Also, you may want to click on Like on EI facebook to start receiving up to a minute updates of our activities here.




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