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Encounters International. Opening of the Year 06 Party
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Opening of the Year 2006 Party

January 28, 2006

Last 2005 year has been marked with many success stories and great social events for Encounters Intentional family of clients. We have been invited to share joyful occasions such as Housewarming Party at Danny Able and his Yaroslavl born wife Maria, and Engagement Party of Walter Blair. We have had a special event of the year 2005 -- Gala Appreciation Party in Russian Cultural Center. In addition to our traditional socials such as a "Swimming Under the Stars" and "Backyard Barbecue" get together we started new theme parties that reflect multicultural diversity of our members. Salsa party arranged by Luis Neives from Puerto Rico was one example of such diversity. That party gained instant popularity amomg our members.

In 2005 we started combining our own Saturday socials with cultural events arranged by Russian community of the Greater Washington area. One of such events was a Russian Disco party at Thyme Out Cafe. This year we continue introducing more such events into the program of our Saturday Club socials . These events not only help our members meet each other in the enjoyable environment, but will enrich their lives with new experiences of Russian culture.

If your resolution for this year is to settle down with a beautiful Russian woman, you will have double benefit attending these events. You will either meet a Russian lady there or/and you will gain exposure to Russian culture that will help you find common interests with a Russian lady in the future.

The first in the serious of these planned events will take place this month, Saturday, January 28, 2006 at 3 PM in the historic McCathran Hall, 300 Grove Avenue, Washington Grove, MD 20880. The event is called "Inauguration of David-Angelo". A well known violin player Tatiana Anisimova will introduce a new musical instrument, that was made specifically for her. Tatiana writes: "I will be performing the works by Ravel, Debussy, Tchaikovsky and my own improvisations. My friends, Arnie Popkin, piano and CynthiaTrembley, flute will join me for some of the pieces. The reception will follow the performance. The admission is free and every one is welcome. Come and give your blessings to the newly born David-Angelo!"

All Encounters International members and Get to Know Us members are invited to attend the concert. This Russian cultural event will precede our own Opening of the Year '06 party at the home of our Social Director Ken Myers in Germantown, MD at 6:30 PM. Ken's home that he had opened for us at least half a dozen times in the past is located in the same general area where the music hall is. Those of you who choose to attend both events will not be lost.

Although Ken himself remains single (ladies, take a note of it!) his parties had resulted in many successful matches in the past. I hope Opening of the Year '06 party will not be an exception in this respect. Ken's parties are best described as socials when "nobody wants to leave". If it were possible, people would have stayed and socialized all night long. May be it is because Ken is very good at preparing White Russian!

This time we will add a Tea Testing Party to Ken's "hot house special". In addition to Russian tea Irina Rodzinski will introduce rain forest tea. So, bring your favorite sweets to go with the tea and get ready for a good time.

Program for Saturday, January 28, 2006

(Optional) Cultural event: Presentation, concert and reception 3:00 PM
McCathran Hall, 300 Grove Avenue, Washington Grove, MD 20880

EI monthly social: Opening of the Year '06 party - 6:30 - 10:00 PM
21057 Sojourn Court, Germantown, MD 20876
Telephone: (301) 972-5417

I hope to see you through our entire program or any part of it!

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