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Social at Tragara restaurant
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EI Saturday Club Social Meets Club Arbat

Tragara Restaurant in Bethesda

Saturday, February 25, 2006 at 7 PM

4935 Cordell Ave.
Bethesda, MD

Club Arbat is an American-Russian Business Advisory Team, devoted to developing business and social network among the Russian community in the Washington area.

I've known one of its founders, Alex Parris for a number of years. In the past he had attended one of our Saturday Club socials and I have visited one of his Arbat Club activities.

The idea of arranging a joint party came to both of us at the same time. After some organizational hurdles were resolved this idea materialized in a concrete date and time.. The program will include live music, dancing, entertainment and talent show. It is a party full of fun in the company of like-minded people, beautiful ladies and surprise encounters.

All EI members and Get-to-Know-Us members will receive personal invitations to the party via e-mail with more details as they become available.

I am looking forward to this great party!

Opening of the Year 2006 Party Slide Show

Slide Show.

Our January 28 party was a pleasant surprise for both our Social Director Ken Myers and myself. Between the two events in one day we expected the social to be small and quiet. Instead, about 50 new, current and former EI members showed up. I guess everybody wanted a taste of White Russian from Ken's "hot house special" menu. "New Arrivals" came in form of new ladies and new babies. The youngest socializing person, Alex, has not reached 6 months of his young age yet, while another active and highly energetic socializing members is approaching her 80th birthday.

The beauty of that is we are one great community with various life experiences, but common interests regardless of age, political orientation or other attributes. We appreciate cultural diversity. We raise our children to have the best of the two worlds. We embrace new ladies arriving from Russia and share life experience with them. We provide a fun social outlet for our great and grand moms. And of course, we meet new singles in the area -- American men and Russian women -- and we create our own environment for that.

Our host Ken Myers made this party possible. I would like you to join me and thank and congratulate Ken on a successful party!

Although Encounters International due to its own closed-end, screening-oriented business model will hardly be effected negatively as a result of IMBRA. I personally believe that this law discriminates against all American men in exchange for nothing.

Considerable efforts had been made to repeal this law. In the meantime everybody is interested to know how IMBRA will effect agencies, their clients and American men seeking Russian women in general.

Encounters International clients will find some additional questions added to their password protected profiles. EI lady-members who are provided with passwords to the database of gentlemen's profiles will be required to familiarize themselves with this additional information and give written consent. EI office managers and myself will be available for the ladies to answer any question regarding this additional information.

I don't thing anything else will change for EI members as a result of this law.

IMBRA will not effect in any shape or form the rest of EI activities. Contacting and dating Russian women who live in the USA and our monthly socials in Washington/MD/VA area will remain an essential part of EI membership benefits. They are off the limits of IMBRA

Many smaller USA based marriage agencies that sell foreign women contact information will be forced to close.

Clients of these agencies will have a choice of using American faceless giants like match.com. Or they will have to join foreign marriage agencies at a higher risk of exposing themselves to money scams while corresponding, traveling or both -- with no one to complain to and no recourse. It is a very sad situation because IMBRA not only reduced the choices but made them very "consumer unfriendly".

Still, life with a loving, beautiful Russian/Ukrainian sweetheart is so much better, that IMBRA -- even as it stands now -- will not make American men give up their dreams to share their lives with one of those ladies. Or so I hope.

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