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Arabian Night Party
Tanya, Professional Belly Dancer from Slovenia

Saturday, August 26, 2006

I must tell you that it was the most photographed party ever. The flash lights went on with such frequency that it would probably make the US President holding a press conference jealous. I myself have had a couple hundred photos on a small disc alone. It was not easy and we spend quite some time to choose about 30 best pictures to share with you on the slide show above.

The party started with a surprise change of invited dancers. Instead of an Arabic performer, Tanya, a Slavic belly dancer, who even spoke some Russian entertained us most of the evening. Of course, she made even the shyest Russian ladies in attendance relax and have a good time during a belly dance lesson that Tanya gave us after her performance.

The Arabian Night was hosted by Nabul. On behalf of Encounters International community I would like to thank him for his generosity in arranging such a great party!

Ladies, some of you were interested in having a CD with various belly dance music. Please contact me and I will send you a copy of this CD. Also, after Tanya's excellent lesson some of you became interested in learning belly dancing techniques. I think that it is great and we can arrange a class for that. I know that a few of our ladies here like Irina B. and Olga G are not novices in belly dancing. They have already attended various schools of this exotic art. In sha'alla -- God willing -- and we'll be able to repeat a belly dance theme in our future socials with more Slavic and Russian dancers in the spotlight.

2006 is the best year ever for the variety of the party theme entertainment. From Puerto Rico's Margarita Party to American Ragtime Dinner Theater show, from Russian Live Nostalgia concert in the swimming pool to Arabian Nights belly dancing ... and it is not even the end of the year!!! All these great parties were possible because of you, EI clients and I personally thank you for that!!!

Enjoy the slide show! If you have more interesting photos from "the most exotic party of the year" (so far), please send them to me and I will share your photos with the rest of you here. Also, please send me the ideas for the next party. Now, that we are raising the bar higher and higher all the time this year it is hard to keep up without more of your involvement and input!

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