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Encounters International Memorial Day Party Slide show 2005
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This Saturday, August 27, 2005, Encounters International continues to celebrate cultural diversity of its membership. For the first time we are going to have a salsa party !!!

"What is salsa? Is it that red hot dip that is served with corn chips in Mexican restaurants?" one young Russian lady asked me when inquiring about our next party.

"Salsa is a Latin style of music that has many influences. The word salsa literally means "sauce". The roots of Salsa are firmly planted in the Afro-Spanish musical traditions of Cuba. In the 1950's Salsa gained tremendous popularity largely due to New York City's influx of Puerto Ricans and their distinctive influence. Salsa music is very rhythmical, with every instrument having a percussive identity. The foundation of Salsa music is the clave, and all instruments in a Salsa orchestra feed off of that rhythm."

Luis Neives, our SALSA NITE host is a native of Puerto Rico. He brings the music and the spirit of his country to our August Saturday Club social that will be held in his home in Columbia, MD.

This month's weather in Washington is very much like in Puerto Rico -- between hot and very hot. So, we decided to start the party a little later than usual, at 7:30, after the heat of the day would cool off a little bit and we'll be able to fully enjoy the invigorating rhythms of salsa music outside.

Salsa, as a red hot sauce, would be served at the party in many varieties. David O. from Pasadena, MD is a pro in salsa cooking. He will judge our 'art of salsa cooking' contest. All of you are welcome to participate in it. If this is your first time salsa experience, you can find plenty of recipes on line. Use them, cook your own salsa and bring it to the party. I am sure that it will be fun for us, Russians, to taste it and to determine the best.

What to wear:. "For Salsa dancing, your outfit can really be described in a single word: sexy. Salsa is a great chance to celebrate (and for some, rediscover) your sex appeal! "

Where to come: 9583 Guilford Rd, Columbia, MD 21046. Tel: 410 905 7725
I-95 Exit 38A, turn off onto Ramp0.5 mi
MD-32 East towards Fort Meade
Merge onto SR-32 (South/East) 0.9 mi
Turn off onto Ramp 0.7 mi
US-1 North & South / Laurel / Elkridge
Continue (North) on US-1 [Washington Blvd] 0.4 mi
Bear LEFT (North) onto SR-732 [Guilford Rd] 1.5 mi
Arrive 9583 Guilford Rd, Columbia, MD 2104

Before getting to Luis's house you'll go over the I-95 overpass. Immediately after the overpass, there is a townhouse development on the right, a USPO mail box, and a group of houses across from Twilight Court, his house is the second to last on that group. If you get to the 4-way stop (Oakland Mills Road), you've gone too far.

What to bring: Corona beer, Sangria wine, Mexican food and ... salsa, salsa, salsa.

Who is invited: All Encounters International members and Get to Know Us members.

I am looking forward to this special party and appreciate the opportunity to celebrate the diversity of our cultures.

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