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Housewarming Party at Danny Able's in Annapolis.

Slide Show

Danny and Maria have been wonderful hosts of our January '05 Saturday Club social. For the rest of us it was a wonderful opportunity to congratulate them and wish them happy life together as well as enjoy their hospitality.

EI Yaroslavl Community is growing

At the party I was pleased to see our Yaroslavl community growing faster than I expected.. Yaroslavl is not a big metropolitan city like Moscow or even Kiev. Like in many smaller towns people there have a very strong sense of community. At the beginning I had some concerns that the adjustment period for Yaroslavl ladies will be more difficult than for the ladies from Moscow for that reason. Naturally you would feel more isolated if you grew up in a close neighborhood community.

Well, once again the solution came from within Encounters International. Belonging to EI means belonging to the community that is growing from year to year, from month to month and even from week to week. Maria Gorchakova arrived in the USA from Yaroslavl one week apart from Galina Kiziaeva and nine months apart from Julia Goriacheva. I do not know if they were friends before, but I know for sure that they became good friends now. Moreover, their fancies and husbands became friends too. It does not matter that you are playing for rival football or basketball teams. It does not matter what state you live. If you belong to Encounters International chances are that your fiancees are friends. So, you do not find just a Russian wife through EI, you find a whole new community of friends and good people.

EI Saturday Club Party on NBC 4 Washington TV

Also, I want to thank Danny and Maria as well as all those who gave interviews to the reporter from NBC channel 4 TV station. In view of recent feminist campaign to portray American men seeking Russian women as wild predators on the loose in search for the victims it is important to show public how beautiful Russian/American romance can be and how dreams of love are turning into reality in front of their eyes. Again, thank you for participating in interviews. I know that many of you are not used to be in front of TV cameras. Olga Onufrieva, special thanks goes to you for giving local Russian single women's prospective of the process.. Now let's hope that the program will be at least half the way objective.

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