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Encounters International Client Exchange

Encounters International Client Exchange (December, 1997)

Encounters International is not just a business; it is a family. Corny? Well perhaps not. Many companies dream of holding that status with employees and clients. Encounters International has worked hard to reach and keep that status. After all, this is really a "family oriented" business.

Our family members come together from different parts of the globe. The fact is that no matter where our clients start from or end up at, they are as much a part of the Encounters International family as we are of theirs. It is not possible to be in this business without becoming personally involved with each client. That is why the Encounters International staff is here!

Keeping in touch with our clients after their new life begins is sometimes difficult. Also, time limitations make it difficult to keep up with the latest events in each other's lives. To that end, we have created the Encounters International Client Exchange (EICX). This is a World Wide Web-based message board, called WWW Board. The EICX is located at the following URL http://www.encount.com.boardmain.cfm

The EICX is new and still being fine tuned. We believe that this medium is well suited for our international client base. Looking for a lost acquaintance? Post a message. Have a question about the K1 visa process? Post a message. Thinking about joining Encounters International? Post a message. Feel like you are in a dry spell? Post a message. In short, if you have any question or comment about Encounters International, post it at the EICX. Also, this is an excellent opportunity for women to locate each other, make new friends or just keep in touch. As the awareness of our new resource spreads, more clients will begin to show up there. See you at EICX .

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