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Translation Service & English Comprehension

Our clients know that a minimum degree of English fluency is a requirement for acceptance at Encounters International. This can take many forms. Sometimes, she can read and understand spoken English, but may not be comfortable speaking English. In other cases, she may speak nearly perfect English, but be unable to write well. We encourage our Russian ladies to take English courses (in whatever area is lacking) to round out their English skills in order to improve the ability to communicate.

Unfortunately, the daily grind of life in Moscow or Kiev does not permit her the time, energy, funds, or all three, to enhance her English skills. Often a reply to a client is delayed while she pours through a Russian-to-English dictionary to translate each word of each sentence. On the surface, it seems as though she is slow to reply or perhaps insincere. In reality, she is going through a difficult and time consuming, word-to-word dictionary translation for you.

We have found that in almost every Russian-American relationship, there are things that can only be best expressed in your native language. To that end, it might be beneficial for you to allow her to express her most important feelings in her language, Russian.

Natasha's Notes:
I have established a set of guidelines for English fluency that I apply to the Russian ladies wanting to join Encounters International. My Russian language teaching experience has afforded me the insight to learning versus age.

Russian ladies, older that 35, are not accepted into the agency unless they are able to communicate in English. It is heartbreaking to listen to a wonderful 40 something Russian lady, who speaks no English at all, express her sincere desire to join Encounters International. Unfortunately, I do not permit her to become a member without English skills. Why?

I believe that at this age, body language may not be as helpful as it is at the age of 20. Also, learning abilities naturally slow with age. As a result of this approach, most of the EI ladies in '35+' age group have little to no difficulty communicating in English! We do accept ladies in their twenties without knowledge of English. However, they must demonstrate their desire and commitment to studying and learning English.

It is for this reason that I usually do not encourage men to use the translation service. However, sometimes it might be necessary to have a translation from Russian to English done.

Since effective communication is a 'two-way' street, we are offering Russian-to-English translation services. The competition among the Russian ladies for our clients is very high. Therefore, we constantly remind them that having letters translated into English is a privilege and should not be taken for granted. Rather than make a Russian lady, who does not know English, work much harder than normal to make the relationship work and progress, clients can now request to have their reply letters translated into English. As mentioned above, this service is not intended to be a substitute for learning English!

Quite a few EI clients either had the knowledge of Russian language before they joined the agency and some began studying it after joining. Many of these clients have progressed to the degree that they prefer to receive letters in Russian. It helps them to be more motivated in their language studies as well. There are cases, when a Russian language tutor or Russian-American couple living next door to a client or a Russian co-worker become closely involved in letter translation/interpretation for a client. Still other clients use language translation software translate letters from the ladies. There are many ways to communicate.

Also, you can instruct the office to accept letters from the ladies in Russian. Just indicate your desire to have the reply letter sent in Russian or/and translated into English before sending e-mail to Moscow, Kiev or Yaroslavl. This feature is available in the Members Only section of our web site.

When her reply is sent, it will be translated into English and forwarded to you as normal. The translation service is free of charge. Therefore, the translated letter will be sent to you at a regular transmission and handling charge. If you elect the option for the response letter to be translated into English, the Russian language original of this letter will be also sent to you automatically.

After a long consideration we decided not to provide an option of having your letters translated into Russian. Why? I believe that that this should be the responsibility of the lady. She should put some effort into translation of your letters. By definition it should motivate her to learn English faster. Also, her willingness or unwillingness to translate your letters will be the indicator of her interest in you. After all, she will be coming to a country that primarily commnicates in English! She will be better prepared for the future.


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