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Services Provided to Encounters International Clients

You are a client and member of Encounters International, the best marriage agency available.

Your "user id" and "password" will allow you full and immediate access to the Encounters International Members Only area. Among the features available to you as a member are:

  • Database of about 500 screened and personally interviewed Russian and Ukrainian women clients between 18 and 40+ years old. About 100 of them reside in the USA (mostly, in the Washington, DC area) and the rest of them reside in Moscow, Kiev or Yaroslavl. The on-line database offers the following options::
    • Search capability that allows you to view the profiles of the ladies, who meet your criteria, including the ladies, who reside in the USA only or who have recently joined Encounters International.
    • Up to six (6) high quality photographs of each woman, including portrait and full body poses. There is no nudity in our database!
    • Concise biographical profile information on each lady, including the type and age range of the man she is interested in meeting.
    • E-mail capability that allows you to instantly contact the ladies that you are interested in.
  • Managing your own profile and photos online. Your profile is translated into Russian to give ladies the option to read it in their native language.
  • Managing your petty cash account on-line that allows you to view the record of all your incoming correspondence and keep track of all the messages that had been sent to you either by the ladies or by the office managers.
  • 'View favorites' area of the database offers you a quick and easy access to the profiles of the ladies that you selected as your "favorites" without having to search the entire database. You can select and delete a lady from your favorites list while viewing her detailed profile.
  • Gift shop allows you to purchase flowers, champagne, chocolates, perfumes and other gifts for your lady in Moscow or Kiev or Yaroslavl ..According to your instructions EI overseas office managers will personally deliver your order with your written message. You will receive the photos made at the time of the delivery.

Of course, this database is available around the clock to assist you in finding the Russian woman of you dreams. Our database is immediately updated as new women come to join at our international and local offices. When a new Russian ladies join EI we have to remove the same number of the existing ladies' profiles from EI database in order to keep the size of the database manageable. After all, we guarantee that we personally know all the ladies, that we represent and interact with each and every one of them regularly.

    Meeting Russian Ladies without going to Russia.

    "I want to thank you and let you know that it's been a great year I & Scott spent together, he is all I've ever dreamed of, we are very happy and getting married in a month or two. We haven't decided the date yet, but will keep you posted. Thank you one more time for the call that you made that evening telling me about Scott, it was really special, I don't think we'd be together if you hadn't called". Natalia Poznyakova, Virginia, USA. Reed more >>

    Socials and Special Events in the USA

  • Wheather you are single, engaged or married to a Russian/Ukrainian woman you will benefit from the unique service that Encouters International provides monthly. As a member you have an open invitation to our Saturday Club that meets last Saturday of every month. Meet the ladies that you started corresponding with face to face. Meet other couples or introduce your fiancee from Russia or Ukraine to Russian or Ukrainian women already in the USA. Enjoy and have fun.
  • Making a Match -- Personal and Confidential.

    You can certainly correspond with many Russian women more cheaply, but the problem is they have no idea who you are and just as importantly, you have no idea who they are.  EI helps bridge that gap and bring together men and women who are right for each other.  So unless you have a wise old Russian Babushka who knows her grandson and all the eligible good looking girls in the village (Moscow, Kiev or Yaroslavl) I’d put myself in the hands of Natasha and her staff. " John Lumeta, CA. Read more >>

    Correspondence -- Free for All.

  • You can begin e-mailing your letters to the ladies directly from the database by pressing the E-MAIL button at the bottom of the lady's detailed profile. All your correspondence with EI ladies is FREE of charge.You may authorize EI offices to have your response letters translated, if your lady does not know English. Upon your request her letter will be translated and a small fee of $3.50 will be charged to your petty cash account. Alternatively, you can use online electronic translator, if you are satisfied with its performance. Read more>>


  • When you are ready to travel to Moscow or Kiev to meet your special ladies, Encounters International will arrange a low cost individual dating tour, if desired. While you are in Moscow or Kiev, we will help you with a variety of services, unique to Encounters International. No two clients are the same. Therefore, our services are customized to your exact needs. You may meet as many or as few women as you desire while under the care of our Moscow and Kiev offices. We'll coordinate your lady's travel to Moscow or Kiev to meet you, if she happens to live outside these cities. In short, we'll handle all the travel logistics for you and her, if needed, so that you can concentrate exclusively on romance, without being distracted by administrative routine.
  • Search for Clients with Special Needs

  • Other services and special assistance are available as the need arises. If you have a particular woman in mind and you purchased her address from any of the numerous catalogs but never received a response, or if you doubt in the sincerety of the woman from another agency, Encounters International will help you find out her status, level of interest in you and facilitate your communication, if necessary. We will even arrange hers and your travel logistics to meet each other in a place that is convenient and traveler's friendly, such as Moscow or Kiev. Individual attention is what makes Encounters International stand out above all other agencies. If you have special needs (handicap, a particular religious affiliation or any request at all) we will conduct an individual search for women that meet these needs and special criteria (through personal ads, local places or worship, special interest clubs etc.)


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